How To Make Money On Pinterest

Pinterest Tips PinThe best way to make money on Pinterest is through affiliate marketing. This is the #1 way to make money with or without a blog. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products for a commission, and the #1 traffic source is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine, but it is much easier to rank high on Pinterest than it is on Google.

Pinterest Users

There are millions of people on Pinterest every day, and they come back day after day. The typical user on Pinterest is also more apt to make a purchase online, and their annual income is very high, Pinterest is the best place for you to be.

Pinterest is made up of pins, and those pins are arranged by subject onto boards. Pins are easy to make thanks to the free graphic design program Canva.

Canva -Free Graphic Design Site

In Canva, they have Pinterest templates already prepared. Select the pre-made design you want to edit. You can change everything about the graphic, the font, the size of the font, the color of the font, the image, add or change elements and the background.

To change your font, simply click on the text, then change the name of the font, color, size, alignment, and spacing. To add a new element, drag and drop it on your graphic. To delete it, move it off of your graphic.


Be sure to place your logo or website URL on your pin. The best-performing pins are ones that are easy to read, has contrasting vivid colors, and text with different size fonts and colors.

The best practice is to make at least three pins for every post, users will prefer one pin over another, so you will capture the most viewers using this method.


Once you are completed with your pin, download the file, and upload it to your blog post. From there, you can click on your pin to upload it to your Pinterest account or upload it directly from your computer.

How To Be Successful On Pinterest

The key to getting your pins found on Pinterest is by using great keyword titles and descriptions for your pins and boards. Once your pins are on Pinterest, you can click the pencil to edit your description and title.

To be successful on Pinterest, you need to pin on a consistent basis. This is where the program Tailwind, comes into play. It is a program where it automates your pinning for you, it is a real time saver.

How To Use Tailwind

You can schedule all of your pins at once, and the program will send them out on the best days and times to obtain the most views. It also has a great stats feature, so you can see which pins are performing the best.

The Tribes feature of Tailwind is a group of like-minded pinners that you can join to increase your pin exposure.

Tailwind – Tribes


To start pinning, click on your first pin, click save, then select the board name from the drop-down list of board names. After all of your pins are pinned, type in a keyword in the search bar, and start pinning other pins.

It is a good idea to place all of your pins on one board so you can find them quickly when pinning.

A good ratio of 50% of your pins and 50% of other users pins is a good combination. You can see where this would be very time consuming every day, Tailwind will put this process on autopilot.

How To Join Tribes On Tailwind

To use the Tribes feature on Tailwind, go to Tribes, then Find a Tribe. Type in a keyword or select from the popular Tribes icons below. The following information is listed about each Tribe:  About, Tribe Rules, number of members, and activity levels.

With the free version, you can join 5 tribes or you can upgrade to join an unlimited number of tribes. You want to select the best tribe fit for you. Select a tribe that fits the subject of your blog, rules that you are able to abide by, has a large number of members, and also a high activity level.

Once you have joined your Tribes, click on Your Tribes, these are the Tribes that you are a member of.  One of the common rules among Tribes is that you have to repin more than you add of your own pins. There is a counter beside each Tribe listing your current total of each.

You can even start your own tribe and make up your own rules.

How To Add Your Pins to Tribes

You can add your own pins to your tribes by using the Add To Tribes Button through the Pin Inspector or the Tailwind Browser Extension button.

Click on one of your tribes, you will be able to view the Tribe Overview and Your Results stats which include Re-Shares, Repins, and Reach. Below that is a listing of all of the members of the Tribe, complete with a link to their Pinterest page and their website.

Your Tribe Stats

Other members will be able to see you along with a link to your Pinterest page and your website, this is really great exposure to get free traffic to your site and more Pinterest followers.

Under the Insight tabs, you will find all the stats on your pins, boards, and your website.


Action Items:

  1. Sign up for a free Pinterest account.
  2. Sign up for a free Tailwind account.
  3. Sign up for a free Canva account.
  4. Create at least 3 pins for your latest blog post using Canva.
  5. Pin those 3 pins to Pinterest, completing the description section with keywords.
  6. Add those new pins to your new Tailwind account.
  7. Join 5 Tribes on Tailwind.
  8. Pin at least 10 pins per day on Tailwind.

Congratulations, you are well on your way to increase your website traffic for free using Pinterest and Tailwind, keep up the great work and continue to pin every day.

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